My Straight Buddy – Soapy shower

Another fresh week and time for one more update. The guys that were here last week are back with another scene and we decided to bring you this special one as well as a sign of thanks for following us for so long as well. And since we know that you loved seeing them play this would be just perfect too. Take your time to watch one of them as he has one last private scene to show off to you as his buddies go to bed for the night today. And we can guarantee that you will love it as it’s a nice and kinky solo scene with him. So let’s not delay and see him at work this afternoon just for you as he gets to be naughty for the cameras.

After they were all done playing for the day, like we said they decided to go to sleep. Well all but one of them. The guy was horny as hell and his cock was rock hard. So he had to do something about it. Well to not disturb the others from their sleep he decided to take a shower as he’d have the privacy he needed to play with himself. So take your time to watch him stroke his cock under the water and see him making sure to clean in properly with some soap in his little nightly masturbation session for today. Enjoy it and do take your time to check out the past scenes as well if you want to see more videos and images as wild as this one. Or maybe you want to see a hot guys getting his ass hammered, so if you do, check out the site and see horny Lucas getting fucked!

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Best buds playing beer pong naked

Hey there once again guys and gals and welcome to a new and fresh mystraightbuddy update like always. Today we have a nice and kinky video with lots of studs at a private cabin in the outback and they got a bit wild tonight. They wanted to play some beer pong and they went at it all nude too. So the spirits were bound to get high tonight. Let’s take our time to see them in action as they get to show off just how good they all are at this sport as well. And rest assured that you will be impressed with his scene!

When the cameras roll, the guys, well most of them, were in the living room playing games on TV. All of them were already naked as they have no clothes policy throughout their stay there. Anyway, you get to see the muscled stud setting up the game for his buddies and when it’s ready they join him. Watch them taking bets on it and see them having lots of fun in the night. You get to watch them display their nice cocks throughout the scene and rest assured that you will be seeing them more in the future as well! If you liked this video, you might visit the site and see some handsome gay men in hardcore sex scenes!

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Best buds having fun together

Well here we are once more. And we brought some all new and hot my straight buddy scenes for you to see. This time just two more army studs again and in their scene you get to watch them having fun for the cameras yet again. A sex toy was involved in this one as one guy just wanted to sit back and relax as his buddy got to use the toy on his cock while also stroking his own cock. And you will recognize this toy from a past scene where no les than four very horny guys got to use it to please themselves with it. Enjoy the view and let’s get their show on the road without delay to see them in action for this new gallery shall we?

With the cameras rolling, our two unlikely stars for the afternoon take their seat on the couch, but of course, first you get to enjoy seeing them strip. The more slender of the two, even though he has a smaller build, has quite the big cock and his buddy next to him is quite impressed too. Watch him proving himself ambidextrous today as he manages to stroke his own huge and hard cock as well as his friends’ with the nice sex toy today. What more can we say, we hope that you’ll have fun with their scene and it’s quite the view to watch today. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next week with all new videos and images as well. If you liked this scene, maybe you want to see some hot twinks sucking cocks and getting their asses spanked, so if you do, you might visit the Jason Sparks site!


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Horny straight best buddies

Here are some more hot and horny guys that want to show off their love for being kinky to you. You get to see these two getting to have some fun in bed and we’re sure that you will recognize both of them as the guys that you got to see in some past scenes jerking off together too. Well today they make their comeback as they wanted to show off some more for you and it’s quite the nice treat to see them hard at work on their cocks for the afternoon today too. So without further due let the cameras roll today too.

straight-boddies-jerking-off-togetherAs their scene starts off, you can observe that the studs were already naked in bed and ready to play naughty. Enjoy watching them gently teasing those schlongs until they get to be all rock hard and ready. And then the real show begins as you get to watch them jerking off and enjoying it too. Like we promised, you got to see some more of these two masturbating for the cameras and you and it’s quite the nice and superb show to see with them today. So just take your time to enjoy it as usual and see you soon! Wanna see some hot military men milking their big cocks? If you do, enter the blog!

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Flashlight jerk off party

Here we are once more with some all new mystraightbuddy scenes for you to enjoy. If you have been around here for a while you know that you can regularly see some hot and horny studs getting to do naughty things in front of one another. This scene being a perfect example of that as well. In this week’s scene, we have four guys that got around to order some sex toys and as the shipment arrived today, the guys were more than eager to try them out for a spin too. So let’s get to see the eager hunks playing naughty today too!

They all take their seat on the couch and you get to watch all of them getting around to take their ordered toy and lube their cocks and get ready. So take the time to see the studs using the fleshlights to masturbate all day long today and enjoy this simply amazing and hot scene with them You get to watch them hard at work and moan in pleasure too as we bet that the new toys felt really nice today. So take your time to enjoy the scene and see you next week once more with all new and fresh galleries as usual! If you’re looking for some action, check out the site and see some cute guys getting fucked and sprayed with cum!


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Intensive jerk off session

Another fresh week and time for a new my straight buddy videos scene to be brought to you. We know you just adore seeing hot studs getting to wank at porn and here we can see another couple of studs that get to do just that for you too. They were spending their afternoon in the frat house watching TV, but it seems that their weekly order of porn magazines has just arrived today. And of course they wanted to sample what sexy babes there were around in them. And one thing leading to another…well you can pretty much guess what happened!


The two studs didn’t even bother to retreat to their respective rooms. They just went for it on the living room couch in this afternoon scene. Watch the guy with the hat whipping out his cock as he cycles through the magazine until he sees some hotties that he likes and by then he was already rock hard. Enjoy him stroking his cock and jerk off and see him getting around to blow his load in the end too. Not to say that his buddy was below that as he also got to do the same thing as well. So have fun with them and see you next time! Looking for more action? Join the blog and see some good looking gay guys getting wild!

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My Straight Buddy – Hot studs

This week’s scene has some more group action as well. So far you have seen studs in the past jerking off in group and we decided that it would be a good time to bring you another one of those superb scenes. Namely you can see this scene with two marines jerking off as they watch some kinky porn videos too! Anyway, today we had no less than three eager studs to do just that as well and you simply have to see them getting wild and naughty with one another as they watch the TV and the porn video tape that they rented. Let’s get to see them in action without delay for this simply sizzling hot afternoon update shall we everyone?

When the cameras start to roll, the trio gets straight to business and undresses. They take their spot on the black leather couch and they eagerly await the best parts to show on TV. Watch as they start to get harder and harder until all three of them have some rock hard cocks. And you also get to see the studs engaging in a little competition to see who has more stamina and shoots his load last out of all three of them today. So take your time to see their naughty and kinky jerk off game this afternoon and enjoy the view. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll be seeing you next week with many more naughty scenes and fresh guys as well! If you wanna see other sexy straight guys getting naked and getting their big cocks jerked off, join the site!


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MyStraightBuddy – Naked during BBQ party

Well today’s scene has some more new studs to show off to you. This week we bring you two guys that live in a more remote part of the US and they decided to have a BBQ party. Well it wasn’t much of a party as the only ones there was just them. But that’s not a problem as they turned up the heat for this sizzling party. And they did that by having it all naked too. Let’s take our time to see them having the time of their lives drinking some beer and enjoying their time all nude outdoors today. It’s one scene that you just have to see.

buddies-hanging-around-nakedThe two hot and sexy studs make quick work of their clothes and then go about doing their business and barbequing in the nude. And rest assured that you get to see each and every inch on their simply superb and sexy bodies without delay this fine day today too. Enjoy seeing them show off their cocks as well as they’re quite proud of each other and you can even see them play with their dicks for a bit in this scene. So enjoy it and stay tuned for more new scenes that we’ll have for you soon everyone! If you want to see other good looking guys getting naked, join the site!

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Straight buddies wrestling naked

Hey there once more everyone and welcome to an all new and fresh my straight buddy videos update today as well. For this new scene you get to see two guys that are stationed at a hotel, getting to spend the night together and they have some kinky fun as well for your viewing pleasure too. You can also check out one of the past scenes and you will see some more hunks that get to show off too. Especially this guy that put on an amazing show with a solo masturbation session for the afternoon. Anyway, let’s come back to our two studs for the afternoon and see them at play today shall we? We can guarantee that you will just adore seeing them play.

As the cameras start to roll, the scene begins and you can see the two dudes just getting out of the shower. They were already naked and horny from there, but they were not done. Not by a long shot. They get into bed and once there they play session continues as you can see and it was quite fun to see them at play today tonight. Well they get to play kinky when they do turn off the light eventually and pull the covers over as well. So enjoy seeing them do their naughty business all nude in bed today and do come back next week for some more new updates just like usual. We’ll be waiting for your return everyone! By the way, you can enter the blog and watch some amateur gays having sex!


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Horny marine room mates

Hey there guys, my straight buddy is back once more with new scenes for you to see and they are as hot and sexy as always. Today we want to show off a pair of studs that found some time to rub one out on their break from duties this afternoon and they get to have some fun. They desperately needed to have those cocks of theirs released this afternoon and lucky for them they also had some nice porn to see on TV as well. Let’s get started and watch them as they get to work their meat shafts just for your viewing pleasure today.


The scene begins with our two studs getting to have fun. You get to see them taking their spot on the bed and both of them remove their pants to show off their nice and big cocks for the cameras. You can bet that they got rock hard on the spot and they were very eager to get to do some cock pleasing too. So enjoy seeing them stroke their nice and hard cocks today and watch the jerk off marathon that both of them took part in today. We know you’ll love it and rest assured more is on the way for next week as well! Wanna see some sexy twinks in hardcore sex scenes? If you do, check out the site!

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